4WHR Series Solids Handling Pumps

The 4WHR series solids handling pumps are designed primarily for commercial applications such as schools and churches, industrial plants, shopping centers, apartments and condominiums, marinas, interstate rest stops, sewage collection systems, campgrounds, motels, restaurants, office and commercial buildings, state and federal parks, hospitals and nursing homes, dewatering, trailer parks and treatment plants. This pump can be installed with a quick-disconnect slide rail system. Its ability to handle 3-inch spherical solids makes it ideal for most light to medium commercial installations.


  • 4” discharge Vortex impeller pump
  • Handles solids up to 3” in diameter per the “10 State Standards”
  • Flows up to 600GPM  (45.5lps)
  • Heads up to 57ft  (17.9m)
  • 1750RPM