Single/Dual Seal Self-Primer

The MSP4/MSPD4 has an external adjustment which saves downtime and doubles the life of the impeller/wear plate. It also has a removable rotating assembly and serviceable flap valve without draining the pump.

Myers self-primers are available with V-belt drive in order to save space and money. When space is expensive or justnot available, the V-belt configuration allows the motor to be mounted above the pump or to the side of the pump.

The Myers direct drive option with flexible coupling reduces shaft stress so you get longer pump life. It is easy to maintain and keeps running for years.

External adjustment allows you to easily maintain original operating efficiency and peak performance. By simply turning the external cap screws you easily adjust the clearance between the impeller and wear plate.

You can make the external adjustment without disturbing the piping system. You don’t have to disassemble the pump and piping.